Orders Tab

The orders tab displays currently pending orders as well as historical orders the following information:

  • “Date” column displays the date and time at which an order was given.

  • “Address” column displays the address and badge of the user that ordered. These can be given a custom tag for easier analysis.

  • “Status” column displays the status of an order which can be “Returned” (the order was not included in an orders batch and the sum returned to the submitter), “Over” (the order went through) and “Pending” (awaiting batch clearing).

  • “Order Amount” column displays the amount of collateral corresponding to the order to buy or sell the fundraising token.

  • “Token Price” column displays the price in USD corresponding to the order

  • “Order Type” displays the type of order that was submitted (Buy or Sell)

  • “Tokens” displays the amount of tokens ordered

  • “...” can be clicked to reveal the etherscan address of the transaction

On the top several filters can be used for faster search of orders: Holder (address or name), Collateral Token type, Order Type, and Ascending vs Descending price sorting. The export button enables downloading of a CSV file with all orders.