Fundraising DAO information in one glance - The Overview Tab

The Overview tab provides essential information about the bonding curve:

  • “Price” is the current price for the fundraising token in USD and is accompanied under it by the price change in the last month expressed in percentage.

  • “Market Cap” is the current price multiplied by the share token supply and is shown in USD with underneath the change in the last months expressed in units.

  • “Trading Volume” reflects the USD amount of trading with the bonding curve in the latest period along with the change in the last month expressed in units.

  • “Share Supply” displays the currently issued share tokens by the bonding curve contract along with the change in the last moth expressed in units.

  • “Reserves” displays the amount of collateral held in reserves. Reserves are the collateral put into the curve minus the tap withdraws. The change during the last month is expressed in units.

  • "Monthly Allowance" shows the amount of funds to be allocated to the underlying project every month along with the yearly allowance underneath expressed in units.

The curve graphic displays the curve of the bonding curve plotted using the token supply on the horizontal axis and corresponding price on the vertical axis. This has been removed pending a chart library change coming in the upcoming front end updates!

The curve behaviour can be explored by hovering over any point of the curve which then displays an information box with the token supply and corresponding price. One point corresponds to current token supply and price while another point corresponds to the coordinates being hovered over.

By clicking on chart view you can toggle from curve view to history chart which displays past historical orders of the fundraising token. Charts are available on the hourly, daily, monthly and yearly periods as well as full time frame and the date box can be used to select a custom visualization period. Trading charts with OHLC candlesticks will be made available with the charts update!